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  1.    Dedicated full-time Social Worker

  2.    Hospital discharge planning

  3.    Coordination with your physician

  4.    Routine follow-up between health concerns

  5.    Access to our 24-hour Nurse Line

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Home care is your choice...choose well.

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By selecting Med-Staff Home

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We have earned a solid

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St. Louis since 1986.

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According to the AARP, nine out of 10

people surveyed would prefer to receive

long-term care services in their own

home or community.

Why Choose Home Health Care?

Medication changes- Education related to new medication(s) you have received.

Chronic Illness with frequent exacerbation- Physical assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of current medical regimen.

New onset diagnosis- Education about new diagnosis along with physical assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of current medical regimen.

Post surgical evaluation and follow up- For wound care and monitoring, education, physical assessment and evaluation of effectiveness of post surgical regimen.

Chronic or acute pain management- For education related to pain management techniques. Provide pain assessment, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of pain medications and provide reports to the referring Doctor.

Haven’t been hospitalized- Home Health regulations don’t require hospitalization to be eligible for home care. Home Health can be initiated following a routine doctor visit as long as patient meets the Medicare requirements for home care.

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The choice of a home care company

that will take care of you or your loved

one, should not be made by a hospital

or your doctor, the choice is yours.

Home Care is your choice...choose well.

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