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Your Health Promotion and Education Company.

Provider of Nursing Services Since 1986

Focusing on Antepartum, Mother/Baby, Post-Partum visits, High Risk Pregnancy Intervention, Zofran Infusion, 17-P Injections now called Makena, Synagis Administration, Behavioral Health Intervention for both Ante and Post-Partum

    Our mission at Med-Staff Pediatrics, is to provide our clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a proactive participant in their healthcare management. It is our belief that this may be accomplished through education and health promotion. Our goal is to provide these services through in-home visits with Registered Nurses.  This in turn provides the client with a personal relationship with the healthcare system. 

    Med-Staff Pediatrics has two divisions. The first area in which we specialize is antepartum and mother/baby assessment and education.  We provide our antepartum clients with instruction related to their pregnancy, which includes:

  1. BulletPhysical changes during pregnancy broken down into trimesters.

  2. BulletCommon problems/minor discomforts that occur during pregnancy and how to effectively address them.

  3. BulletNutritional information.

  4. BulletEffects of drug, tobacco and alcohol use on the fetus.

  5. BulletHow to effectively and appropriately use the healthcare system.

  6. BulletDanger signs during pregnancy and when to seek emergent care.

  7. BulletPreparation for the newborn.

  8. BulletWhat to expect during childbirth.

    While these are our core educational points, we personalize each educational session to our individual client needs, questions, and concerns. It is our goal that through this unique educational experience the following results will follow:

  1. BulletAddressing concerns before they become major issues

  2. BulletDecrease inappropriate level of care usage (i.e., ER visits)

  3. BulletIncrease compliance with preventive care (i.e., Prenatal visits)

  4. BulletHeighten overall satisfaction with pregnancy experience

    At the time of the visit we will also perform a brief general physical assessment including vital signs, in an effort to help identify any areas of concern before they become major problems.  In the event that we encounter any abnormal findings during this exam we will notify the patients Doctor immediately or if appropriate we will have the client do so.

    We provide our Mother/Baby clients a comprehensive educational agenda and physical assessment of both the mother and the baby. The newborn educational portion of the visit includes:

  1. BulletNormal growth and development

  2. BulletFeedings (i.e., formula/breast, amounts, frequency, avoiding GERD/Colic)

  3. BulletSigns/Symptoms of respiratory distress in the infant

  4. BulletFever and the newborn

  5. BulletSigns/Symptoms of infection

  6. BulletReasons to seek emergent care

  7. BulletUse of the bulb syringe

  8. BulletUmbilical and Circumcision care

    Postpartum mother education includes:

  1. BulletC-section care and Signs/Symptoms of infection

  2. BulletNormal and Abnormal Vaginal discharge

  3. BulletReasons to seek emergent care

  4. BulletBirth Control

  5. BulletBreast Feeding and related issues

    The mother and baby will also receive a general physical assessment including vital signs, weight check of infant, and C-section incision assessment.  All abnormal findings will be addressed with the client’s physician or appropriate level of care.

    While these are our core mother/baby educational points, we personalize each educational session to our client needs, questions and concerns.  It is our goal that through this unique educational experience that following results will follow:

  1. BulletAddressing concerns before they become major issues

  2. BulletDecrease inappropriate level of care usage (i.e., ER visits)

  3. BulletIncrease compliance with preventive care (i.e., immunization, well-baby checkups)

  4. BulletHelp provide a smooth transition of the newborn into the home

  5. BulletEmpower the mother and family with the skills to take care of the infant with confidence

    Med-Staff Pediatrics second division is our Case Management and Chronic Disease Management division. This division has the same commitment to education and health promotion as our antepartum and mother/baby division.  We believe that education empowers our patients and caregivers with the opportunity to take an active role in the management of their disease.  Once a patient has the knowledge and confidence to become an active participant in their healthcare management we believe that it will lead to: 

  1. Decrease in illness exacerbations

  2. Increase in client compliance with a prescribed medical regime

  3. Appropriate level of care usage

    Currently we are providing an asthma education program. This program will be given to the client and caregiver via in-home visits from a respiratory therapist or registered nurse and will include:

  1. Asthma- disease process, pathology, and etiology

  2. Signs and symptoms of asthma exacerbation “Attack”

  3. Asthma management

  4. short term vs. long term medications

  5. peak flow usage and monitoring

  6. proper use of Action Plan (PMD ordered or will help clients establish one)

  7. proper medication usage

  8. proper usage of inhaler, aero-chamber, and nebulizer

  9. Signs/Symptoms to seek emergent care

  10.   In-home Asthma Trigger Guide: The RN will offer the client a walk through evaluation of their home to help identify potential triggers and various ways to combat these triggers.

    Med-Staff has also developed programs for other providers such as: COPD, CHF, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Behavioral Health. 

    Working hand in hand with case managers, care coordinators, and discharge planners who identify high risk clients, we provide to the client and health care organization a vital link to ensure that the client receives the most appropriate health services available to them. Our dedication to the clientele we serve has allowed us to develop a strategic system of relating with our clients regardless of socioeconomic class. This proprietary approach provides us a 78% success rate in locating even the most transient of clients, thus giving the health plan the tool necessary to develop a relationship that will guide the client to successful outcomes.

    Med-Staff Pediatrics will be happy to develop educational programs for other chronic illnesses, on request, with an identified demand for the service.

    Med-Staff Pediatrics currently services the East, Central, and West Regions of Missouri.